Global Standards
Committed to aviation excellence with certified pilots, and meticulous fleet.
Passion and Expertise
Preferred by aircraft owners, brokers, and service providers for excellence.
Beyond Charter
Beyond charters, our consultancy optimizes costs, safety, and revenues.
Above and Beyond, Every Journey
SkyMark Executive: Safety, Reliability, Privacy, and Efficiency, Tailored for your Chartering
and Aircraft Management needs

With over 27 years of dedicated experience in the business aviation sector, we've proudly established our presence in key global locations, including the opening of our Dubai office in 2016 and our San Marino head office in 2022.

Armed with a robust San Marino Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and the EASA Third Country Oeprator (TCO), SkyMark Executive stands as a beacon of professionalism and reliability. We specialize in managing and chartering jets, catering to the diverse needs of aircraft owners seeking a dedicated and trustworthy team.

As our CEO, Captain Farid Gharzeddine, puts it:
"SkyMark stands out by offering a combination of exceptional and personalized services, experienced and professional crew, privacy and security, and a strong reputation."

Elevating Business, One Flight at a Time

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